About Natewa Bay


At 80km long, 15km wide and with a surface area of over 1000 square km, Natewa Bay is the largest bay in the South Pacific.

With an average depth of 500m the bay is very deep and well protected from large ocean waves. This results in a very sheltered shoreline and comparatively calm waters.

Natewa Bay is suitable for scuba diving in almost all weather conditions, which means that, unlike some dive operations that are unable to operate in heavy south-easterly wind conditions, we are able to dive almost all the time.

The bay abounds with pristine coral reefs which are suitable for both scuba diving and snorkelling. A wide variety of marine species can be seen, including beautiful hard and soft corals, healthy populations of reef fish, sharks, rays and turtles. In addition, the bay is home to two resident pods of spinner dolphins, and pilot whales can also been seen on occasion.