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Diving Conditions

Natewa Bay offers some of the best diving conditions in Fiji.

  • Diving and snorkelling conditions in Natewa Bay are good all year round. Although conditions can vary, the sheltered nature of the bay means that sea conditions are generally calmer than in the open ocean, with reduced swells and few strong currents underwater.

  • Being located in the tropics, the seasons in Fiji are not markedly different. The 'winter' months from roughly May to October are characterised by dry days and cooler nights, whereas the 'summer' months from November to April tend to be slightly more hot and humid, with higher rainfall.

  • The average water temperature in the 'winter' months is in the range 25-27C (most divers wear either a 3mm or 5mm wetsuit), whilst in the 'summer' months temperatures can rise to 28-29C (most divers choose a rash vest or a shorty wetsuit, although of course this is a personal preference).

  • Visibility ranges between 15-40+ metres, with the visibility peaking between July and December when the water is cooler. At other times plankton blooms can attract larger marines species such as whales and manta rays.

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