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Best Fiji Snorkelling in Natewa Bay, Savusavu

Today Ocean Ventures Fiji officially commenced snorkeling and scuba diving day trips in Natewa Bay near Savusavu, Fiji. Our first guests were treated to a show by the resident spinner dolphins, along with wonderful snorkeling on our pristine coral reefs with bonus sightings of an eagle ray and a shark!

The guests first enjoyed the 30 minute scenic boat ride out on our brand new custom-built dive boat, Vevewai Loaloa, to the sand bar known locally as Vatuloa (Black Rock). Here they spent some time snorkeling and exploring the amazing reef that surrounds the sand bar, mesmerized by the sheer variety of hard and soft corals, and small reef fish that seek shelter amongst the formations. They were then able to enjoy some time on the sand bar itself, relaxing and enjoying some homemade banana bread and other snacks whilst listening to the sound of the ocean.

They then made the short trip back towards the eastern coastline of Natewa Bay where they had a second snorkel on a beautiful shallow reef close to the village of Leya. Here the rainforest grows down the steep slopes of the imposing mountain above the village all the way to the water's edge. They could very well have been on the set of Jurassic Park!

After their second snorkel of the day, the 25 minute return boat ride to the dock near Salt Lake and an opportunity to reflect on a great day on the water, and so many memories and stories to tell friends and family. Until the next time!


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