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Ocean Ventures Fiji Launches Distinctive Coral Reef Ecology Course

Innovative eLearning format brings the majesty of coral reefs to your desktop or tablet

June 10, 2020

Ocean Ventures are delighted to announce the launch of their brand new online course, South Pacific Coral Reef Ecology, to coincide with World Oceans Day and World Ocean Week.

With extremely limited global travel, and the almost total shutdown of the tourism industry in Fiji, we decided to put our time to good use by writing an exciting coral reef ecology course.

Taking inspiration from a field ecology course we have been teaching for many years, this eLearning course aims to bring coral reef ecology and a love of the marine world to those unable to travel and experience these amazing ecosystems for themselves during these difficult times.

Bringing Our Vibrant Underwater Cities to Life

This comprehensive program looks at the ecology of coral reefs, starting with their importance as ecosystems, before discussing in detail the amazing biodiversity found on reefs, including the corals themselves, common reef fish, and marine invertebrates. The course then covers the intrinsically-linked ecosystems, mangroves and seagrasses, before concluding with a detailed look at the threats faced by coral reefs and the actions being taken to preserve these wonders of nature.

Although the majority of the course content is applicable to all coral reefs globally, each section also includes significant local context with many examples from reefs in the South Pacific. Stunning photos and underwater videos illustrate the course, most shot in Natewa Bay by Matthew and Sara. Although it is the largest bay in the South Pacific, Natewa Bay remains a little-known gem home to pristine reefs and incredible biodiversity.

Gaining Knowledge and Earning New Qualifications

This eLearning course can be taken either as a standalone program at US $50, or with certification in Ocean Ventures' exclusive PADI distinctive specialty, PADI South Pacific Coral Reef Ecology at US $95. We will deduct the basic cost of US $50 from selected diving courses and dive packages for anybody diving with Ocean Ventures Fiji in the future!

The course is hosted on the established teaching platform which uses a secure 128-bit SSL encrypted payment system.

Inclusive Access to Coral Reef Education

Who might be interested in this online reef ecology course?

  • Anybody with an interest in coral reefs globally and/or marine conservation

  • Anybody with a general interest in our oceans and the environment

  • Anybody with a specific interest in the coral reefs of the South Pacific

  • Anybody who planned an ocean-based trip but is currently unable to travel due to restrictions

  • Scuba divers and snorkelers

  • Divers looking for an additional certification (this PADI specialty can credit towards PADI Master Scuba Diver)

  • Students interested in the fields of marine science or marine biology

  • Underwater photographers looking to improve their knowledge of marine creatures and basic ID skills

Anyone who would like to join the course can visit An introductory video giving an outline of the course is available as a free preview on that page, and on the Ocean Ventures Fiji YouTube channel.

Any other questions can be directed to Matthew and Sara at


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